New! Little story "About Swimming Due" in English

Golden retrievers are wonderful dogs and a nice hobby, isn't it?

My name is Lena Ushan, I live in sunny Odessa in the Southern Ukraine.

This site is dedicated to my two wonderful Retrievers Real World и Robin Hood from Glen Sheallag kennel in France. My gratitude to Marie-Noëlle Terlinden and Bernard Chauveau is endless. These people are the breeders of my Golden Retrievers, they created those miracles. 

Robin is a strong and beautiful dog. He likes children very much. His patience for them and their pranks makes me wonder a lot. He is very calm and quite temperamental at the same time. When I have to work, he's nowhere to be seen. But, when he can play or riot, there's no way to stop it! Robin can play football with boys for hours, or to wallow in the snow with my elder son. Anton and Robin are best friends.

Real World (at home she's called Woodie or Due) is a girl that is much more serious. She never starts chasing each other. Due is always close to her Mistress, sedately pacing nearby. Yet, maybe she hides to avoid being hit by a ball. But that is all until she notices a birdie somewhere in the bushes. All of her emotions are concentrated at hunting. A bird or a rabbit thrills her so much that she can be hardly held at hand. Still, she handles that fowl very delicately and every caught mouse is brought to me alive and unhurt.

In our garden there has been living for half a year a black she-rabbit Tanya. Tanya and Due can play hide-and-seek for hours. Sometimes Tanya lets herself to be caught. Then Due brings her to me, and I present her with a cabbage leaf. At first Tanya was very much afraid, but now she has a more philosophical attitude and doesn't run away too quickly. Unfortunately, she still fears cameras and one can only make a snapshot when Due holds her.

Sometimes that company is joined by Iliko - my first Golden Retriever. Liko is a gentle and caring nurse to both puppies and children. Anton learnt walking holding her by hair. Now she lives with my father since he needs her more than me. There's no photo of Iliko on this site, I'm gonna make another site for her, her puppies and her puppies' puppies soon.

I am always glad to any contacts! Please call, write or E-mail me.

Good health and happiness to everyone!

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